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Your SISters in Wellness for 10 years!

10 years championing your best you!!

The SISters 10 years

Here at SIS we can’t believe that we are ten years young already! We are so proud to have been helping people find their perfect Wellness Holiday for 10 years now. Yes, 10 YEARS!!!
Wellness Holidays offer a break from daily life, to relax, to get fit, or to shed a few kilos, helping you become a better version of yourself! We have even had guests tell us that their SIS holiday was a life changing experience. How cool is that?! That was our motivation to start SIS 10 years ago, and today we continue doing what we do with the same enthusiasm.

What 10 years of SIS means to us!

As working mothers we know how important it is to look after yourself

The Ultimate Wellness Break!

Special SIS 10 years anniversary program at Shanti Som!

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